In response to the many confrontations, debates and other stuff I have went through:

1: "Complaining when a user who leaves for another wiki permanently?"

A: Honestly when someone goes to another wiki (permanently) I've always felt that my friendship will be broken in a short time, hence my complaints when some users leave.

2: "You seem a lot more rude nowadays."

A: I'm honestly just getting fed up of dealing with crap when I just wanted to have a fun day.

3: "You claim you'll leave a lot yet you come back really quickly and say you changed your mind."

A: The reason why is because I feel guilty leaving people behind, so there.

4: "Your mood shifts extremely fast and randomly. One moment you're happy then mad the next."

A: I'm honestly hoping I'm not bipolar, though it's more likely I'm stressed and annoyed.

5: "You come back really quickly even though you claim to be taking a break due to stress."

A: See question 3 for my answer on this.

6: "Dude, just let Chibi/Kumatora/Whoever go where they want, who cares if they leave you behind at least they're having more fun there than here. :)"

A: I really actually don't care anymore, people always throw fits when I get mad about stuff or complain about things that I personally don't like (opinions) so I'm just going to let people go wherever they want, even if it means I'll probably rarely talk to them.

7: "You're somewhat less active."

A: It's probably because I'm starting to slowly drift off into my mind...

Or it's because I'm making a game and actually having fun, your call.

8: "Will you still go on here even if you become inactive in chat?"

A: Yes, of course. Even if it means I end up lurking on forums.

9: "What is your thoughts on this wiki anyway?"

A: Honestly I like this wiki, though the debating over wikis is getting old... fast.

10: "It's weird that you have alts with different personalities, care to explain?"

A: Oh boy, here we go...

SonicStorm478: Obviously, this is legit me.

MagicStereoZX: A dumbass account, with extra typo flair. Also known to spam "ugly Ness" pictures in threads.

HeavenlySkies: Originally was just a joke alt, but became basically a "sassy" account.

Johnny Lightfoot: Meant to be essentially Johnny Lightfoot from StC in personality.

Rotor Walrus: Meant to be essentially Rotor Walrus from SAT-AM in personality.

ChillStriker: This account was created for a funny reason, though really I have no "personality" applied to it at the moment. The closest to having a personality was being the "Hero of the Internet" in the battle of the century against Masked.

Salty Sweet: The name references Chibi's fabled old account. Personality wise, this account developed into basically an annoying 5-year old. :P

ShadowStorm589: Edgy me, that's basically it.

TheMiracleNeverHappen123: It's Phoenix Wright... Okay, actually all he does is say "The miracle never happen." but hey, what did you expect?

SuperLightSpark!: I'm not sure if anyone's figured out this was my alt yet, but this being here proves it. Basically this guy adds "spark" to most sentences.