Just going to say I've been having a terrible time here as of late, (SH drama a few days ago, inactive wiki, boredom, frustration) and that I'm leaving.

Now I know you're all thinking: "Nah, he's going to come back in 20 minutes."

Haha, no.

I really have no reason to come back at all, honestly. Everyone hates me for defending religion, and that is just dumb. It's best to leave religion in the "don't talk about" category.

Seriously "funny" that I'm being called a "salt cannon" now because I'm annoyed, frustrated, and stressed.

It seems like I've also basically proven my point; Friends online usually don't last because someone will do something that breaks a friendship, be it indirectly or through saying something that heavily offends someone.

Yes, I know you're probably all calling me immature and childish, I simply have the heart of a child which is why I have a "child-like innocence" to some people.

Besides that, I've pretty much now realized how much I miss the days of when I never had to deal with drama, arguments, debates, etc.

Now, on another note... If any of you guys want to talk to me I would recommend doing it through Miiverse or sending me a message on Wikia.

Now, I would like to say sorry for anything I caused to everyone (Yes, including those that have made me really mad) and that I am truly sorry for causing problems through my own sheer stupidity.

I don't hate any of you, but my frustration with your actions has gotten the best of me and proved that this place just isn't my cup of tea anymore.

So yeah, I'm outta here.