Due to some recent events, I have decided to make chat rules.

Make sure to pay close attention.

1: No Spamming.

Spamming will be a kick, and if continued, you will be kicked again, spam 6 times and you will be banned.

If you post a wall, you will be kicked, a wall counts as 13 lines or higher, but if you take advantage of this, ex:




ect, you will be kicked, the 13 lines and up rule was made for ranting ect.

2: Drama: Drama happens every once in a while, so if you start drama, you will be left off with a warning, but if you continue, you will be kicked, if you are kicked 3 times for drama, you will be banned.

For all staff members: If you are NOT doing your job and breaking these rules above, you will be demoted, and a person worthy of a staff position will take your place.

3: Linking chat: You are allowed to link chat, but ONLY if you get permission from one of the admins or founder.

4: Porn: Posting porn/hentai/r34 will be a kick, do it again and 2 hour ban.

Note: These rules may change overtime, so make sure to read this every once in a while for new rules.